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Designed from your vision.

Built for your life.

Great homes don’t start with materials or machines. They don’t start with concrete trucks churning and pouring their heavy loads on vacant lots. They don’t even start with architects and blueprints. Great homes start with vision – your vision. They start with drive-by admiration, years worth of scribbled notes, and bookmarked pages that culminate to form a foundation you’ve laid yourself. Even if it came easy, it has taken time & thought because you want it to be just right. You have waited until now so that you can get it just the way you want it. After all, it will be your legacy. And, in the end, it’s better than you ever pictured it.

Bridging the Divide Between Design & Build

At Westerly Construction, we aren’t just designers or builders. We’re listeners. We’re guides. We’re lovers of detail, timeless style, and construction that lasts. From the initial concept down to the last light bulb, we work with our clients to create homes that are truly, profoundly, their own.

We promise creativity, efficiency, quality, transparency, and that we will be with you throughout the whole process, from your initial vision to creating the design to the build. We will brainstorm and collaborate with you, while keeping you on time and budget every step of the way.

Custom Homes

Design | Build

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