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Construction Services
How We Differ:

The Westerly Team have a combined 40 years of experience in residential, commercial and multi-family construction projects. We walk you through each step of the process and build a plan to ensure your project is completed to your complete satisfaction.

General Construction Services - Commercial & Residential

Commercial, residential and multi-family construction is our specialty. We have nearly 4 decades of combined experience in construction and project management. Rely on The Westerly Team for your next construction project.

Multi Family Construction

Multi-family residential buildings offer challenges unlike other construction projects.  The  architectural design process is detailed and complex.   Construction demands careful planning and continuous oversight.  HVAC and electrical wiring needs are unique.  So is providing for basic needs such as water, garbage, and waste disposal.  The permit process can be equally challenging, as municipalities vary in their requirements.  

Such projects demand a construction partner with the right experience and insights to foresee problems and plan properly.  Mike Dillon and Harry Hemmerly have been building multi-family dwellings for nearly four decades.  Whether the project is a 4 unit building or a 50+ unit complex, Mike and Harry are prepared to help you with the design and construction of your multi-family building project.